Hi all, We have all seen the devastating forest fires, Flash floods and droughts of the last few years. Now the IPCC report is giving us a red warning to act now before we cross multiple tipping points. We have an incredibly climate initiative called Ahimsa and the Environment including a number of campaigns. This includes, planting of 2 million trees through Give it a Grow, to changing to Plant based diets. We are also pushing for food waste reduction through our Feed everyone campaign. Further to this we have Good Karma stores for sustainable consumerism and also campaigns to promote cycling and walking to work. If you would like to join our Climate team and help project GD's Ahimsa and the Environment initiative please get in touch with me. The next decade will require all of our voices to be heard and there is still hope. We need people to commit to 3-5 hours a week and help move the needle. Love.

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2021-08-12 04:27:23 UTC