SOME IMPORTANT REUSING TIPS! Clean out juice bottles and use them for water. Donate extras to people you know or to charity instead of throwing them away. Purchase refillable pens and pencils. Repairing, donating to a charity or selling items also reduces waste. Reuse boxes. Reusing products, when possible, is even better than recycling because the item does not need to be reprocessed before it can be used again. Use cloth napkins or towels. Use durable coffee mugs. Use empty jars to hold leftover food. When shopping, try to purchase items that can be reused. Reusing is much much better than throwing away. We all should try to reuse things as much as we can..reusing also helps in decreasing pollution in many other ways... Try to Reuse🧡

Posted by Unnati at 2021-07-28 15:40:25 UTC