So an update since the last time I posted (regarding the young man in Dudley Hospital). When I reached out to this group I wasn't sure what they would be able to do, so basically I took a chance. I am absolutely astounded by the response! The community spirit and the generosity of our people is heartwarming ❀. Savan got in touch with his Birmingham contact who in turn got in contact with the president of Dudley Mandir. The result being that fresh home cooked food has been delivered to Harsh! More families in Dudley have been contacted and they have happily volunteered to take him fresh food every day and also offer him moral support. How wonderful is this? Thank you so very much Go Dharmic family and to everyone that has stepped up to help this young man πŸ™. I am trying to find out more about his family to see if maybe we can offer support to them as well. Will keep you all posted πŸ™πŸ™

Posted by patelsavitri at 2021-06-24 15:37:05 UTC