🇮🇳People of India reach out to overseas medical professionals through the OVBI charity for free for any non-urgent, medical consultations. For anyone in India who needs a quick primary consultation for non-urgent medical issues here is an easy way! Connect with an overseas healthcare provider virtually (from the USA, Canada, and many other countries) This FREE service is brought to you by OVBI (Overseas Volunteers for a Better India) and ONRx. Register here: Https://ONRx.ca/signup Please note: The consultation offered through the ONRx platform by medical professionals is to be taken as advice only. For urgent issues, please contact your local health provider. In order to provide advice, the volunteer healthcare provider on the ONRx platform may ask you to share relevant health related information and reports. All information collected is compliant with HIPAA, and Canadian PIPEDA. Please read our disclaimer for additional details. #indiafightscovid19 #indianeedsoxygen #CovidReliefForIndia

Posted by jyotishukla at 2021-05-12 08:21:27 UTC