This is Yogi. He tragically lost his sister at the young age of 32 to COVID just last week in Delhi. Despite this heartbreaking event, this week he has been out with Go Dharmic feeding the poor and assisting hospitals during the Oxygen emergency by helping to deliver critical oxygen cylinders and other supplies. This week he will be at Crematoriums distributing PPE and food packs for the frontline workers who are heavily exposed and from low income families. Such incredible compassion to be out there doing this. But - there is a story to Yogi. Last year in the UK, we first met Yogi he was in a really bad way financially, a black eye, mentally drained. He just wanted to go back to India. Urshna Shah-Aiyer , one of the GD family in Luton lead a fundraiser with other Luton friends to help him get back home. The fundraiser raised enough for his ticket home and he just fell in love with Go Dharmic. The Luton family took him under their wing and helped him and now Yogi is paying that love forward in the emergency. This is how the world changes by the opening of hearts and with one act of kindness at a time. This is the meaning and purpose of life. What else could Dharma be than to spread love and help others. Yogi my brother, we are so incredibly proud of you and you are inspiring us to be better human beings. May God shower a million blessings upon you and your family. Love.

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2021-05-11 21:34:25 UTC