Congratulations to each one of you for your hard work and efforts and thank you to everyone who has donated and supported us so far. We have had over 3000 volunteers and over 1000 donors helping our cause! So many people who are in a dire situation across India have received food relief from your efforts and that is something you should all be proud of! We have crossed 1 million meals worth of distribution across India, based on a calculation of 350g of food per meal. From the beginning of the campaign we took a very conservative approach to the estimate of the meals, we have based it on the raw material and not the final cooked meal which would be 3-4 times more. Which would take us well over 3.5 million meals worth! For anyone that has ever cooked 1kg of rice you would know that you can get a lot more than 3 bowls worth out of it! I'm so pleased with our growth as a group and how we are growing our community. Let's keep going as this is just the beginning. GD is all about a community of people who care enough to help others and while there are people who need our help there is work for us to do. Kind Regards, Hemal Randerwala- Founder of GD

Posted by Martand Dass at 2020-07-08 07:23:46 UTC