"No one has ever become poor by giving!!" ~Anne Frank. . we all must understand that how important and good it is to help others! nowadays, we all are very busy with our own life. but we all must take out few minutes and ask our friends,knowns if they need something or if there is something which they want so we can give them!! . "Lend a hand to one another In the daily toil of life; When we meet a weaker brother, Let us help him in the strife. There is none so rich but may, In his turn, be forced to borrow; And the poor man's lot to-day May become our own tomorrow" . we must donate, not only money but we can donate such items which we not use usually!! and it will surely make a difference.. as we all know April means "new session" for students.. so if you have books which you usually don't read or study with , then you may please donate those books to the needy ones! this will help in studies of those who are unable to buy books... Let's help others in different ways!!😊❤.

Posted by Unnati at 2021-04-12 18:21:25 UTC