The joy of giving is truly felt while on the ground helping people in need. One of our volunteers, @Paul Genasi from Glasgow has something to share about his volunteering experience. “I was fortunate to have been able to retire early and wanted to find ways in which I could use my spare time to help others. I’ve always found a sense of purpose and satisfaction through helping others so initially decided to train in psychology-based life coaching which I really enjoyed. But I had no interest in starting a business to practice. So during lockdown I applied for a few volunteer roles and was impressed by Go Dharmic’s mission to end hunger through their initiatives feeding the homeless and needy at George Square as well as providing families in need with food bags through some schools in Glasgow. I enjoy working with the team at Go Dharmic who are all like minded and equally passionate about helping others.” - Fiona Johnston, Lead volunteer, Glasgow

Posted by Go Dharmic at 2021-03-26 16:27:03 UTC