⭐ Dr. Maria Jessica Sharma, Human Resource Manager, Go Dharmic ⭐ 'I feel the systems and workplaces need to be more inclusive and encourage diversity. So my dear girls, We're born leaders, let us be realized as true leaders for all the work that we do!! Let us lead, with love and compassion. Let us not shy away from the praises and compliments bestowed upon us. Let us not be bogged down by the patriarchal social norms but show what a gender-just society looks like!! Let us empower each other by giving them the strength needed in times of crisis. Let us support each other, always! Let our presence be felt.' Let the society believe and recognize the power and strength of women, and appreciate the same!! Jessica is the strong pillar of our GD family. Dealing everything with a smiling face, she helps each one of us to sail through the difficult times. Thank you @Jessica | GD HR Manager !

Posted by Go Dharmic at 2021-03-12 17:00:52 UTC