Namaste friends. A few years ago I had an long call with the Go Dharmic team in Nepal who told me about an emotional time at an orphanage for special needs children. Arti Patel who has helped lead GD in Luton had gone out from the UK to help develop libraries there. The team stumbled upon the location and found that at least 4 of the children were rescued from where they were kept in cages! Most of there others were abandoned by their families because of their common special needs. Many were either considered a curse or a burden.The Orphanage only have a limited number of beds to look after these kids, some sleep 3 children to a single bed. Although the team was tasked with developing libraries they ended up buying beds and a rice cooker aswell and also helped support the refurbishment of the orphanage. They also gave the children a lovely Holi by playing with them and treating them. What more important work can there possibly be than to help children in this situation? The work of Go Dharmic is not just to provide meals, disaster relief or develop schools. It is to spread Love & Compassion. To make Love and compassion go Viral is the most important work that GD can do so that we can help more people. Whether growing our volunteer community on the GD app or raising crucial funds for our causes we need lots of help. A big thank you to Zamiha Desai for giving her time and talent and for joining the charities digital media team as an advisor.

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2021-02-24 21:59:42 UTC