Hi all! Friday is here and we are excited to hear from you all again. Last 3 weeks have been amazing speaking to you all. From feedings in Northampton to volunteers been vaccinated and a kick start to the library pilot project in India. It was so nice to know you all and your work.🧡 🤝Join us this Friday at 12:30 PM GMT / 6:00 PM IST / 07:30 AM EST to share your experience and meet the GD family. Let’s make a difference together. You can get your friends too! We are waiting.⏰ 🔗Please join with Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/yji-qfyp-ttg 🔗 I hope to see you there tomorrow. 📧 For any concerns or questions, feel free to drop a line at jessica@godharmic.com Thanks!!

Posted by Jessica | GD HR Manager at 2021-02-18 16:02:36 UTC